Friday, July 13, 2012

First thoughts of 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin

It has been a while since I have done any writing on Ubuntu tips, but I figured that now was a good time as any to get back into it. To be quite honest the new Unity interface really turned me off for Ubuntu, but with some changes that have taken place you can always use something else like Kubuntu or one of the other derivatives that are made.

Of course whenever there is a new release of Ubuntu it is best to check out the release notes for your specific version. As a system administrator it has served me well to have this habit since there could be information in the release notes that will inform about major package upgrades that could break existing functionality.

So far I like the improvements to the desktop interface Unity. Since I use this on a EEEpc, it is not exactly the fastest laptop out there. One of the problems with Unity when it first came out was that it so extremely slow for my laptop to the point it was unusable. They definitely have made some performance improvements. The whole right sidebar is still taking some getting used to, but I think I will come to like it.

One other piece of software that I have noticed is Quickly. Now I had actually used it before but that was back in its infancy as well and it was not nearly as polished as it is now. Although it deserves a post of its own (it will get one soon), I've been using it and have found it to be pretty good for developing apps for Ubuntu. Only downside I've seen so far is that even though there is a possibility for cross-platform development there doesn't seem to be any work done so far. Hopefully this will change in the future as cross-platform development is a huge plus for me since in a single day I will use Windows, Mac, and Linux.

More to come soon and if you want a certain software discussed or need help then let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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